Corps of Engineers to open new trail for recreation

Corps of Engineers to open new trail for recreation
Paynes Creek area trail for off-road bicycles, hikers and joggers
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Road Bicycles

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Lawmaker floats new tax on bicycle sales
AUGUSTA, Maine — Everything from junior’s first two-wheeler to the highest-end road bike would cost more under a Republican lawmaker’s plan that would apply a new tax on bicycles purchased in Maine. The bill, LD 1189, would levy a 2 percent surcharge on all retail purchases of bicycles bought after …
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Electric bicycles: Safety issue under study
I REFER to the letters on electric bicycles by I.B.K.B. “So, can we use them?” and Paul Singh “Have special laws” (NST, April 11).
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BMX: Samantha Ronson involved in BMX wreck

Samantha Ronson involved in BMX wreck
In weird celebrity-related BMX news, 33-year-old Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s on-and-off girlfriend and celebrity DJ, crashed on a BMX bike on Saturday while trying to avoid a car on her ride home in Venice, Calif. Ronson reportedly needed 12 stitches on her face, and tweeted a photo of her face following the accident. Ronson wrote “Let this be a lesson. If you have a driver’s license you …
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In Other BMX News:

Samantha Ronson involved in BMX wreck
In weird celebrity-related BMX news, 33-year-old Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s on-and-off girlfriend and celebrity DJ, crashed on a BMX bike on Saturday while trying to avoid a car on her ride home in Venice, Calif. Ronson reportedly needed 12 stitches on her face, and tweeted a photo of her face…
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Willers returns to winning ways
Kiwi BMX rider Marc Willers has won both finals in the latest round of the American BMX Association Nationals in San Diego.
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BMX Race for Life Scheduled Sunday
A Race for Life is scheduled Sunday at the Sooner BMX track, 1015 W. South Ave. at Dan Moran Park. The Race for Life is a nationally sanctioned BMX event to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
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Flite Panic BMX Bike – 20-Inch, Cerise: alabhuhi (alabhuhi)

@ripenny not tight hmmm. Ill prbs go medium. I defo want a purle one now aha. Saw the site might also order new grips for my bmx. – by JJonbroadway (Jonnie Adam)

RT @rezirahmand: @NNfixedshop mencari stem BMX, mention pliss.. Thank's nnfs – by NNfixedshop (N’Nfixedshop)

Trek Mountain Bikes Supporting Talent

In the world of mountain biking, everyone’s heard of Trek mountain bikes. For over three decades they’ve been making the most innovative and technologically advanced bikes in the world. It makes sense therefore that they are responsible for fostering some of the best talent there is in the world. Not only in the field of mountain biking specifically, but in other fields as well, Trek mountain bikes support the best new talent by sponsoring and otherwise supporting various cycling teams.

From the best known names in the world (yes- Lance Armstrong does ride for a Trek team) to the new starters, there are a great many bikers associated with Trek mountain bikes. Together though, they all have talent and a good deal of support from Trek mountain bikes to enable them to push their talent to the limit.

One of Trek mountain bikes’ teams is the Trek Canada Mountain Bike Race Team, which is a relatively new addition to the family. This team was formed only last year with the aim of supporting young talent as they improve. All the members of the team have strong Olympic potential: this season they’re taking part in the World Cup, the Canada Cup and the US Pro Cross Country events so improvement is on the cards. With the World Cup Championships being held in their native Canada this year there’s never been a better time to win, and Trek mountain bikes are confident that they can live the Olympic dream.

Trek mountain bikes also have a well known and respected 25-person road bike team, Teamradioshack. 15 nationalities make up the team, so it’s a mixed bag but they share their passion and talent. This team is always on the go, competing in 50 events in ten months this season, including the Tour de France.

Lastly, Trek mountain bikes are also join sponsor of a triathlon team. 9 of the world’s best Ironman athletes are in this team: it is highly successful.

The dedication of Trek mountain bikes to upcoming biking talent shows a strong belief in the sport’s future. The investment in young talent goes above and beyond what the company is obliged to do. This is a refreshing commitment to see.

Suunto Cycling Watches the Suunto t6d as well as the Suunto t3d – Performance Loaded Accessories For Bike Riders

Suunto cycling watches, like the Suunto t6d and the Suunto t3d, are performance loaded accessories pertaining to biking and they also serve as awesome multi-sport heart rate monitors when you are not using your bike.

Why use Suunto cycling watches regarding biking? To begin with it really is more costly to purchase both a cycling computer along with a distinct heart rate monitor. Equipped with the Suunto t6d bicycling pack and the Suunto t3d cycling pack you have a system that may serve as a regular heart rate monitor watch for multiple sports activities, like a bicycling device, and in addition it operates like a excellent everyday watch.

The actual Suunto t6d biking kit is perfect for serious bicyclists or triathlon competitors plus includes pace, pedal cadence, heart rate data and possesses Suunto’s state-of-the-art EPOC, or post-workout O2 consumption. This watch records your relative training plus measures the present exercising results which makes it like having a professional sports science lab on your own wrist. This seriously is among the top quality heart rate monitor watches available anywhere.

The t6d cycling bundle includes a speed and cadence device nevertheless some exercise enthusiasts even more driven in the direction of numerous sports activities might want to consider the Suunto t6d GPS bundle as an alternative method to measure velocity plus distance whatever the sports activity you are participating in.

The Suunto t3d bicycling bundle delivers pace, mileage and on-the-fly training effect however doesn’t come equipped with the pedal cadence choice. This can be a much more cost-effective solution to acquire some excellent essential biking details as well as still have a nice heart rate watch which can be used with alternative add-ons like foot pods for running.

All of the Suunto cycling watches possess the versatility to become accessorized with foot pods for running, or sretsetx GPS watchdevices for pace in addition to mileage at any sport, which makes them the perfect training buddies.

Our examination on the Suunto t6d and Suunto t3d left favorable opinions. We especially enjoyed how this particular heart rate monitor, in all the many variations, provides pulse-related data that wraps round the bezel like a car’s speedometer. It’s very intuitive for anyone who is accustomed to measuring in a driver-like manner.

Moreover, the Suunto Comfort strap is incredible, totally stretchy, and just about the most comfy chest straps we have actually tried.

Our feeling is that Suunto makes a extremely high value product and you simply receive what you pay for. We like Suunto moreover simply because they have a good sized cadre of recruited athletes the same as Garmin and Polar, which means you know the research and development is excellent. Also all of the Suunto heart rate monitor straps and watch combinations enable you to go swimming, which in turn permits you to accumulate heart rate data for water sports.

Suunto provides a 2 year warranty and considering initial client satisfaction and dedication we here at the Heart Rate Watch Company are extremely pleased to be authorized dealers for their fine collection of products. We are incredibly comfortable whenever we supply a Suunto product that our customers will be satisfied with both its top quality and its operation, which in turn most likely helps explain why so many Suunto owners are so faithful towards the brand.

Mens MTB Shoes

Picking out good mens mountain bike shoes isn’t an easy task; you’ll need to get a pair that is comfy, durable, with stiff sole that sticks towards the pedals, and a single that will maintain your feet safe. The mens mtb shoes aren’t meant for casual rides; they need to be able to withstand extreme conditions – regardless of whether you ride on muddy roads or go downhill, hitting a single rock after an additional, the shoe should maintain your feet from getting hurt, obtaining wet or slipping off the pedals.

These are niche footwear which are only sold in some from the specialized biking shops or the niche online stores; the prices and also the makes vary, but for a great pair you’ll have to most likely put aside a couple of hundred dollars. Most of the mens mtb shoes are generally lightweight, created out of synthetic leather and with reinforced outer sole that will give you additional stability when pedaling; some have Velcro straps and buckle straps, which make them simple to take off and put back on. The mens mountain bike footwear ought to be comfy for walking as well and give you the comfort of an ordinary walking shoe. Tighter footwear might cause your foot to perspire and even although they might be good for heading downhill, for the long rides pick shoes that allow enough room, so your feet feel comfy; also for the lengthy hauls you might wish to buy a pair with wider toe box; lacing system that allows to be adjusted without obtaining off the bike is a excellent plus as well.

Prior to you spend a couple of hundred dollars on a excellent pair, you should consider the kind of pedals that your bike has – in some cases it might be less expensive to merely get much better pedals than buy a new pair of footwear, but if you are serious about heading off-road, you most definitely require good mens mtb shoes as well. What sets them apart is their durability, the material that they are made of, the unique soles that provide better grip and their light weight. You will find different biking shoes for that various bikers: if you are doing jumps, then you might want to use different shoes than the next guy, who is into downhill mountain biking.

If you are unsure what to purchase, you’re able to walk into a biking shop and ask for a professional advice, or you can join one of the large on the internet biking communities and discover out what your fellow riders use. The Internet provides a vast pool of info that allows you to very easily search for mens mtb footwear at the various on the internet shops and compare their costs and qualities. Even although you will find couple of brands that most definitely stand out, they usually come with higher cost as well; however, do not let the price be a deterrent – great mens mtb shoes are nicely worth the money and will really price you less within the lengthy run since they will most likely outlast the cheaper imitations.

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Simple Checks Before You Hop On the Saddle

The following list is a good little reminder on a few of the things to check before you head out on your mountain bike.  Okay, so it’s a bit basic, but having this checklist to hand can’t hurt and will hopefully prompt you to just give the bike a general good going over before you set off.  It’s much better to spend 10 minutes checking the basics BEFORE hopping on the saddle than it is having something fail half-an-hour down a trail!  Read on…

Is Your Mountain Bike Ready For the Trail?
By Mary Blomquist

Is your mountain bike ready to hit the trail? Spring is a great time to do a preride inspection before each ride to prevent injuries or bike malfunctions, but preride inspections and mountain bike maintenance should really be done on a regular basis.

The following are some quick tips to make sure your mountain bike is ready for the trail.


You can do a quick check of your headset by holding down the front brake and pushing the bike forward and back. The headset should be tight and not move or make noise.


Check your brake pads for excessive or uneven wear. Squeeze the brakes and make sure you can’t squeeze the levers all the way to the handlebar. If you can, the pads probably need to be replaced.

If you have V-brakes, make sure the pads go flat against the rims. If you have disk brakes, listen for squealing when the brake lever is squeezed. If they make a lot of noise, the rotors may need to be cleaned with a soft rag and rubbing alcohol.


Check your tire pressure and visually inspect the tires to see if they have cracks, cuts, or are unevenly worn. Make sure the tires are on all the way around the rims on both sides.


Spin the wheels and make sure there is no wobbling, rattling, or rubbing. If there is, make sure the wheel is attached properly. The wheel should move freely and silently.


Check your shock preload by sitting on your bike and measuring the sag with zip-ties. Sag should be at 25-30% give or take for different riding styles.


Check all the bolts on your bike with Allen wrenches and tighten if necessary.


Do a quick shift through the gears to make sure the bike is shifting smoothly. Lubricate the pivot points of the derailleurs and check cables and housing.

Clean and Lubricate:

Keep your bike clean and lubricate the drivetrain. Do a thorough cleaning and lubrication if it still has crud on it from last year.

For more information and tips on how to clean and lubricate your mountain bike, please visit

Mary Blomquist is a mountain biking enthusiast who lives in Colorado and is the founder of, a site that is full of information and tips for mountain bikers.

Article Source:

As stated above, all fairly basic stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the basics some times.

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Really Good Mountain Biking Trails in the French mountains – With Free Park Access!

If so read on.  The park, located in the mountain ranges of Palafour and Tovière, looks really good with everything from some serious downhill tracks for those who know what they are doing as well as some much more simple stuff for beginners.  You also have access some great cross-country riding and endurance trails as well as a practice area with some skills obstacles.  It’d be great to take my two boys to muck about on the training sections when they are a little older – they’d love it.

Here’s an extract from the park’s site:  ‘The natural ups and downs of Tignes’ landscape makes an ideal playground for all styles of mountain biking: rugged or hilly, grassy slopes suited to downhill runs or gentle slopes for beginners, rare spots such as “doline de gypse” and not forgetting the view!’

Check out the Tignes site here for full details and an enticing video.

Watching that video reminds me that this is precisely the sort of place that makes we want to get out on the bike.  A great looking park in some stunning scenery.  And you can get free access to all the trails via the Toviere aeroski and the Palafour ski lift.

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Welcome to BME News

Welcome to BMENews!  This is my first post so try and stick with me.

This blog will eventually be (I hope) a great resource for biking news, product reviews, tales of rides that went well and perhaps some that didn’t go quite so well!

My personal aim is to use the blog as motivation for actually getting out on the bike and doing some more interesting rides to give me something to write about.

I hope to cover various sorts of biking on this blog, though personally I’m a mountain biking fan.  I will confess however that I’m a relative novice.

What mountain biking have I done?  Not an awful lot.  A fair bit of what I would class as cross country and some frankly scary downhill.

What do I want to do more of?  The downhill was a great laugh, even though it frightened the whits out of me, so I’d like to a lot more of that but perhaps with some serious body armor.  A few longer slightly more leisurely cross-country rides would also be good.