Corps of Engineers to open new trail for recreation

Corps of Engineers to open new trail for recreation Paynes Creek area trail for off-road bicycles, hikers and joggers Read more on Anderson Independent-Mail Image by Steven Vance In Other Road Bicycles News: Lawmaker floats new tax on bicycle sales AUGUSTA, Maine — Everything from junior’s first two-wheeler to the highest-end road bike would cost more under a Republican lawmaker’s plan... read more

BMX: Samantha Ronson involved in BMX wreck

Samantha Ronson involved in BMX wreck In weird celebrity-related BMX news, 33-year-old Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s on-and-off girlfriend and celebrity DJ, crashed on a BMX bike on Saturday while trying to avoid a car on her ride home in Venice, Calif. Ronson reportedly needed 12 stitches on her face, and tweeted a photo of her face following the accident. Ronson wrote “Let this be a... read more

Trek Mountain Bikes Supporting Talent

In the world of mountain biking, everyone’s heard of Trek mountain bikes. For over three decades they’ve been making the most innovative and technologically advanced bikes in the world. It makes sense therefore that they are responsible for fostering some of the best talent there is in the world. Not only in the field of mountain biking specifically, but in other fields as well, Trek mountain... read more

Suunto Cycling Watches the Suunto t6d as well as the Suunto t3d – Performance Loaded Accessories For Bike Riders

Suunto cycling watches, like the Suunto t6d and the Suunto t3d, are performance loaded accessories pertaining to biking and they also serve as awesome multi-sport heart rate monitors when you are not using your bike. Why use Suunto cycling watches regarding biking? To begin with it really is more costly to purchase both a cycling computer along with a distinct heart rate monitor. Equipped with the Suunto... read more

Mens MTB Shoes

Picking out good mens mountain bike shoes isn’t an easy task; you’ll need to get a pair that is comfy, durable, with stiff sole that sticks towards the pedals, and a single that will maintain your feet safe. The mens mtb shoes aren’t meant for casual rides; they need to be able to withstand extreme conditions – regardless of whether you ride on muddy roads or go downhill, hitting a single rock... read more

Simple Checks Before You Hop On the Saddle

The following list is a good little reminder on a few of the things to check before you head out on your mountain bike.  Okay, so it’s a bit basic, but having this checklist to hand can’t hurt and will hopefully prompt you to just give the bike a general good going over before you set off.  It’s much better to spend 10 minutes checking the basics BEFORE hopping on the saddle than it is... read more

Really Good Mountain Biking Trails in the French mountains – With Free Park Access!

If so read on.  The park, located in the mountain ranges of Palafour and Tovière, looks really good with everything from some serious downhill tracks for those who know what they are doing as well as some much more simple stuff for beginners.  You also have access some great cross-country riding and endurance trails as well as a practice area with some skills obstacles.  It’d be great to take my... read more

Welcome to BME News

Welcome to BMENews!  This is my first post so try and stick with me. This blog will eventually be (I hope) a great resource for biking news, product reviews, tales of rides that went well and perhaps some that didn’t go quite so well! My personal aim is to use the blog as motivation for actually getting out on the bike and doing some more interesting rides to give me something to write about. I hope... read more