Welcome to BME News

Welcome to BMENews!  This is my first post so try and stick with me.

This blog will eventually be (I hope) a great resource for biking news, product reviews, tales of rides that went well and perhaps some that didn’t go quite so well!

My personal aim is to use the blog as motivation for actually getting out on the bike and doing some more interesting rides to give me something to write about.

I hope to cover various sorts of biking on this blog, though personally I’m a mountain biking fan.  I will confess however that I’m a relative novice.

What mountain biking have I done?  Not an awful lot.  A fair bit of what I would class as cross country and some frankly scary downhill.

What do I want to do more of?  The downhill was a great laugh, even though it frightened the whits out of me, so I’d like to a lot more of that but perhaps with some serious body armor.  A few longer slightly more leisurely cross-country rides would also be good.