Really Good Mountain Biking Trails in the French mountains – With Free Park Access!

If so read on.  The park, located in the mountain ranges of Palafour and Tovière, looks really good with everything from some serious downhill tracks for those who know what they are doing as well as some much more simple stuff for beginners.  You also have access some great cross-country riding and endurance trails as well as a practice area with some skills obstacles.  It’d be great to take my two boys to muck about on the training sections when they are a little older – they’d love it.

Here’s an extract from the park’s site:  ‘The natural ups and downs of Tignes’ landscape makes an ideal playground for all styles of mountain biking: rugged or hilly, grassy slopes suited to downhill runs or gentle slopes for beginners, rare spots such as “doline de gypse” and not forgetting the view!’

Check out the Tignes site here for full details and an enticing video.

Watching that video reminds me that this is precisely the sort of place that makes we want to get out on the bike.  A great looking park in some stunning scenery.  And you can get free access to all the trails via the Toviere aeroski and the Palafour ski lift.

[Image courtesy of genevieveromier]