Trek Mountain Bikes Supporting Talent

In the world of mountain biking, everyone’s heard of Trek mountain bikes. For over three decades they’ve been making the most innovative and technologically advanced bikes in the world. It makes sense therefore that they are responsible for fostering some of the best talent there is in the world. Not only in the field of mountain biking specifically, but in other fields as well, Trek mountain bikes support the best new talent by sponsoring and otherwise supporting various cycling teams.

From the best known names in the world (yes- Lance Armstrong does ride for a Trek team) to the new starters, there are a great many bikers associated with Trek mountain bikes. Together though, they all have talent and a good deal of support from Trek mountain bikes to enable them to push their talent to the limit.

One of Trek mountain bikes’ teams is the Trek Canada Mountain Bike Race Team, which is a relatively new addition to the family. This team was formed only last year with the aim of supporting young talent as they improve. All the members of the team have strong Olympic potential: this season they’re taking part in the World Cup, the Canada Cup and the US Pro Cross Country events so improvement is on the cards. With the World Cup Championships being held in their native Canada this year there’s never been a better time to win, and Trek mountain bikes are confident that they can live the Olympic dream.

Trek mountain bikes also have a well known and respected 25-person road bike team, Teamradioshack. 15 nationalities make up the team, so it’s a mixed bag but they share their passion and talent. This team is always on the go, competing in 50 events in ten months this season, including the Tour de France.

Lastly, Trek mountain bikes are also join sponsor of a triathlon team. 9 of the world’s best Ironman athletes are in this team: it is highly successful.

The dedication of Trek mountain bikes to upcoming biking talent shows a strong belief in the sport’s future. The investment in young talent goes above and beyond what the company is obliged to do. This is a refreshing commitment to see.